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Serving seafood to Phoenix, AZ.


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I Really Really Really Do Love These Guy's n I RECOMMEND THEM!!! I Promise To All Who Read This That I Am A Real Customer Of Maryln's Fish n Chip's n I Am So Very Amazingly Proud To Be One Of There Loyal Customer's. All It Takes Is Ordering Once n Most Of All Who Do Will Be Happy With There Choice. But For My Order Today It Was Great In So Many Way's. My Mom Said That It Was Like Thanksgiving Day n I Really Feel The Very Same Way. We Love All Of Our Angel's At Maryln's Hey Guy's Great, Great, Great Job Today. I Can't Wait Until Our Next Order Yum VERY Yum VERY Yummy God Bless You All n All Who Read's This Please Be Blessed


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Good food for the price, quick delivery and good service. I had a frustrating first order a few months ago where they sent coleslaw with no utensils. I am at work, can't leave and don't have any here so I ended up not being able to enjoy it. The manager offered free dessert on my next order which I was happy to accept. So next time I ordered I got my free cheesecake and ironically they forgot utensils again! The driver made it right and went to a nearby restaurant and got me some. We were able to laugh about it and now they always remember. :)
Thanks Maryln's team!


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I have eaten catfish all over this nation. I am very picky, and have only ever liked my mama's catfish...tonight my opinion changed. Maryln's is as good as my mama's, and that's a high compliment. I don't say that about restaurants. Thank you so much for the excellent meal, the delivery was on time, and hot. The driver was very polite too. This is one restaurant I will visit again and again.


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This was some of the best catfish I've had here in Arizona that I haven't friend myself. You also can't beat the price! Only complaints I have are that I didn't order more, and the hush puppies were a little over cooked. A+ choice and I recommend


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Have ordered from here multiple times now. Although I am not a huge fan of the fish, surprising since it is a fish and chips place, the WTF Fries are absolutely amazing(personally like the Philly, but I am sure the others are great too)

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It was sooooo good!

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Maryln's Fish & Chips is the Best Fish in town, Maryln's on Central Ave. We take pride in the fish, cod, shrimp and more that we prepare for all of our customers at Maryln's on Central Ave. Be sure to stop by and try our Fish & Chips, we also have burgers, shakes and many other items.